The Incredible Hulk 2 Sequel to 2008 Film with      Edward Norton!
posted by: Gilberto Edwards   
Here are the real truth is that there will have a another stand alone aThird Hulk Film!A Hulk Sequel to Louis Leterrier Film,But the what they need is a mixture of CGI special real effects,and puppetry,special effects,mostly likely prosethetics with rebotic,with the orignal Hulk played by Lou ferrigno in his green sade of green make-up.But use a prosethetics creature with Lou Ferrigno creation mostly with the motion capture and with ferrigno's movements that will really work with the voice.Lou Ferrigno said those words about how the Hulk surppose to look on you tube in may of 2011.There another thing is they need to bring Edward Norton back for muilple Hulk Films,Sequel to 2008,because he did avery good job as Bruce Banner in a reboot base on marvel comics 1960's,Jack kirby and Stan Lee character and Kenneth Johnson television Series with Bill Bixby version of it.I loved the storyline when Bruce Banner was living in the shadow's and traveling from town to town just like Bill Bixby did in the Past. The story was a better success than ang Lee storyline,I hated ang Lee creation and storyline including the casts.Since until they got Edward Norton and Louis Leterrier respectful serious producers then movie had alot to prove to the audiences,and the storyline was very good and very successful like the TV Series when Bruce Banner expose himself self of Gamma rays and turning into a Hulking Green creature with Incredible strength,should been played by Lou Ferrigno real Hulk whick surpose,to be Edward Norton 's alter-ago.I think they need to use Lou Ferrigno the Incredible Hulk concept from 1988 version of the Return of The Incredible Hulk. I want the Hulk fans to responsed to me me at

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